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Learn How I Help Leaders

I work directly with leaders, event planners, and key people in organizations to construct motivational and inspirational speaking programs that facilitate the exchange of new ideas, a design-thinking approach to solving challenges, and self-reflection to deepen one's emotional intelligence fueling personal and professional growth during seminars and keynote presentations.

  • Leadership  

  • Employee Safety, Wellness, Mental Health 

  • Executive Facilitation (Board Retreats)

  • Brand Growth (Sales & Marketing)

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Disability

  • Multi-Cultural & Multi-Generational

  • Career Change and Transition 

As a strategic adviser and business consultant, I help leaders create innovative approaches to driving new business opportunities through my expertise in developing solutions that address: revenue generation, sales, marketing, brand engagement, LEAN process improvement, public relations, technology, talent development, innovation, product development, and stakeholder management needs as a Senior Consultant with

Piedmont Avenue Consulting.

Additionally, I work 1:1 with a limited number of individuals as a coach to help them align their personal and professional lives to get results.


Assessments used: DiSC, Myers-Briggs, Wheel of Life.

Contact me today to discuss your needs so we can work together to deliver a custom message that will move your audience towards action and shared purpose.






​Please inquire to discuss your event needs and speaking proposal. 

"He is highly empathetic in his approach and interactions with others as his patience, kindness and pureness is palpable." Dr. Tuhin C.


"Drew, you moved me like no one else. I can't thank you for your one on one talk with me after. I never expected that and I really just wanted to thank you for speaking. I swear it that you made amazing changes and differences in me. I can't thank you enough."  2018 Keynote participant


"Drew delivered an excellent presentation. He was both informative and inspiring." Terri Keener

 " Drew is extremely creative and an all around business expert." Richard D.

"Drew is a situational genius from my vantage point as a management counsel." Robert Fried

"I had the opportunity to listen to Drew on a panel that discussed all things recruiting. His knowledge of the industry and expertise in business leadership were valuable to our audience as his comments and insights were relatable for everyone attending." Stephanie W.

"When I think of an innovative professional with earnest ideas and a pragmatic can-do attitude, Drew is my go-to." Dr. David Mitroff

"Drew is a dynamic speaker with lots of real-world experience in many areas including business management, personnel management, and being a first-responder." Jade C.

"I recommend Drew as a trusted adviser and dynamic executive coach."  Shon Buford, President IAFF L798



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