Ready to get the results you want? My coaching focuses on aligning your personal desires with your professional goals so you are aligned as a leader while executing your vision with joy!

"Success is not an accident, success is actually a choice.

- Stephen Curry

If you are ready to get the results you want, hiring a coach is a smart investment.


In life, sometimes we need a sounding-board, other times we need accountability, and most often we need help aligning all of the pieces of our puzzle - taking care of the work in front of us, mapping out career goals, managing expectations with other humans, staying fit, finding purpose on our journey, and using our valuable time to honor personal commitments. 

People hire me as their coach to help them with...

 Soft Skills Development

Finding Purpose in Career Change or Retirement

Interview Preparation and Job Negotiation Skills 

Up-leveling  Management Talent and Leadership Potential 

Serving as a Sounding-Board for Strategic Business Advice

Helping Entrepreneurs, Senior Leaders, and Managers Develop Personal Brands

Facilitating Life-Alignment Mapping to Reduce Stress

Developing Effective Communication to Achieve Desired Results 

Offering Personal Guidance and Introductions to Specialists in My Network

Staying Accountable to a Host of Goals with Weekly or Monthly Check-In Calls

Whether you work with me or another coach, hiring the right coach is a personal commitment and great step towards growing as a leader.

It's also personal and requires that you and your coach are a good fit.

That's why I am happy to offer you a FREE 15 Minute phone call to see if my coaching style is right for you.

Whether you are a CEO or new-grad entering the workforce, my coaching style meets you where you're at. Ready to launch a new venture or need help on figuring out what job fuels your soul, let's have a conversation. Results Coaching is designed to help you move forward so you can live the life you want and achieve the results within your reach. Sessions are available via Zoom. In-person and On-site sessions are additional, plus travel.

Personal Coaching Services

Initial Assessment and 1.5 Hour Goal Setting Meeting  $295

Clients are responsible for completing the required assessments and paying third parties their listed fees for their assessments - see below. 


1 Hour 1:1 Coaching after Initial Assessment Above  $150 per hour


Monthly Coaching Package  $495 (Two 1:1 Sessions + Weekly Text Messaging Check-Ins)


Onsite Leadership Coaching and Management Development  $1,295 per day (I will work with you onsite at your location, attend team meetings, coach you on how to lead effectively, and take you to lunch mid-day to provide feedback so you can try a few things before end-of-day)



Business Coaching Services 

Business Review  $500  After our initial free phone consultation, I will send you a form for you to fill out that will walk through multiple areas of your business. This assessment and review of your business is mandatory, as the next step, because it provides key pieces of information that we will walk through on a phone call or Zoom meeting to dive deeper into your business needs. I will spend 1.5 hours with you going through the assessment, offering feedback, and answering your questions. After this, people typically make a decision if they'd like to work together on a monthly basis where I will serve as your business consultant offering strategic advice to help you grow your business. 

Monthly Business Strategy and Executive Coaching - Starting at $2,500 per month for small business owners and $3,750 per month for organizations with revenues > $1.5 million per year 


What's Included 

1 Call per week and email availability with business owner or team members where I offer strategic advice based on research and analysis of your current business and desired goals. I will help you understand how to implement things, provide coaching to your team members responsible for tasks, and give direct advice on what is working and what needs improvement with actionable steps to get desired results. I will also bring in the right partners so you don't spend more time searching for resources.

Unbiased Perspective 

Market Research 

Goal Setting 

Social Media and Marketing Strategy

Coaching to Improve Operations and Customer Service

Guidance on Implementing New Technology Solutions 

Advice to Inspire, Motivate, and Engage Your Workforce

Referrals to HR, Accounting, Legal, and other Professional Service Experts

A La Carte Services

Additional services from: web design, email marketing, LinkedIn training/personal or company brand development, trade shows, sales training workshops, team building off-sites, writing, business planning, marketing services, digital media, event planning, use of other service providers, technology solutions, program development, etc. are not included and will be billed per service as extras. The monthly retainer fee allows access to me, my vision, and direct advice at the fraction of the cost of hiring someone in a similar role to oversee the strategic needs of developing your business, organization, or program. Currently, all business coaching clients will have access to my services through the consulting firm I am affiliated with, that has an in-house team to help execute your business goals.

Executive Facilitation Services 

Does your leadership team need help prioritizing this year's goals or the ability to clearly articulate a strategic vision before key stakeholders? If yes, contact me to discuss how I work with leadership teams to conduct strategic planning and executive facilitation sessions so everyone's voice is heard in the process. Services range from one day facilitation to multi-day facilitation services, with or without a strategic plan. Strategic planning provides a detailed report after the facilitation process and is valuable for consolidating information into a transparent resource for internal and/or external stakeholders. Given the range of needs, please contact me to discuss your facilitation and planning needs for an accurate quote.


Coaching services are available online via ZOOM, including weekends and after working hours to meet your needs.

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Assessments for New Clients

New clients enrolled in personal coaching must complete the following assessments and email them to me before their first coaching session. These assessments are industry recognized and useful for us to see where you are at the start of your coaching journey. You will also take these at 3, 6, and 12 month intervals to confirm progress or meaningful change. 

Please click the links below which will direct you to third party sites.






Notice: All payment and any issues related to third party sites are between you and them as I do not have a financial interest or relationship with these providers. Assessments are solely for your benefit to accelerate your time during our coaching sessions by providing you with more insight into your leadership style, personality, and attributes that can aid in your success. Business and Life Coaching is designed for healthy individuals and is not intended to diagnose or treat forms of mental or physical illness, which require the appropriate resources and consultation of medical professionals. Depending on client needs, referrals may be made to other providers, at any point in the coaching relationship if the the client requires additional support beyond the coaching services offered. At times, life can also be overwhelming navigating business moves and life decisions creating great stress; as a former first-responder, I have a responsibility to report any issues of self-harm or the desire to harm others to authorities. Coaching services do not guarantee results and are dependent upon the work you put into your growth, realistic expectations, your skills, education, and other factors outside of my control. I am here to offer you the services provided and guidance given my perspective. Individual results will vary. All business decisions are that of you; my advice is based on the best information presented to me which also depends on human factors of truth, integrity, and transparency in your business dealings; again, my advice is limited to what I know and does not replace your knowledge or doings before our time working together. At times, people hire business coaches because they've waited too long and expect unreasonable results. I will give you my honest feedback and make no promises as business results require numerous variables for success, and success is defined differently by everyone. Whether we work together on business and/or life coaching, we will always refer to our original goal sheet to see how we are doing and if the desired progress is being made. After each meeting a re-cap will be emailed allowing you the opportunity to provide feedback or comments. Communication and realistic expectations are key to a successful coaching relationship. Payment for services is due via PayPal or check prior to the service being provided.

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