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Speaking and Workshops


Featured Speaker - Vietnam Food Forum

  • Invited by the Consulate General of Vietnam to San Francisco and Vietrade as a guest speaker focused on business development, brand promotion, and the American marketplace. 


Keynote Speaker –  Associated General Contractors of California Annual Conference

  • Presented “Mindful Leadership” before 200+ construction industry CEOs and safety professionals focused on employee engagement, employee total health, workplace safety, and change management for leaders.

Panelist - Southern Oregon University

  • Invited to speak on the business leadership panel for an event produced by the university for students to learn about business leadership, career paths, and professional development.


Featured Speaker – Las Vegas Resiliency Center 

  • Presented two back to back 2.5 hour sessions to survivors of the Las Vegas concert massacre on mental health, resiliency, self-care tools, and community building to create a supportive culture in the aftermath of trauma.

Featured Speaker - Vietnam-Korea Design Center

  • Presented a workshop that was translated in Vietnamese to participants at the Korean-Vietnam Design Center at the request of Vietrade. Consulted business owners after the program, advising them on branding and go-to-market strategies. 


Featured Speaker –  California Professional Firefighters Association Inaugural Behavioral Health Conference 

  • Presented a vision before public safety executives, head of California workers’ compensation, and key stakeholders to leverage the existing electronic health records system to begin tracking first responders in healthcare systems to reduce injuries and illnesses while looking to the VA model to standardized care, best-practices, and prevention efforts to reduce costly health issues in first responders. 


Panel Moderator and Conference Host –  Chief Marketing Officer Summit, San Francisco 

  • Moderated panels with CEOs to senior leaders of companies ranging from Amazon to Kimpton Hotels. 


Keynote Speaker –  California Fire Districts Association Leadership Conference 

  • Presented “Healing Our Own” offering a holistic approach to change management to address cultural challenges, mental health, and employee wellness for today’s public safety leaders. 


Panelist – General Assembly and WeWork 

  • Requested by Professional Connector™ events to participate on panels focused on recruiting and technology. 

Workshop Teacher - Law Firm

  • Requested by law firm owner to teach a class on mindfulness, stress management, and effective communication to help a high performing team of legal professionals. 


Podcast Guest

Advisory and Executive Committee Service 

  • Bay Area Council (workforce development and healthcare committees)

  • San Francisco Center for Economic Development 

  • State of California Committee on Employment of Persons with Disabilities (2-year term)

  • SF-Asia (part of Global SF)

  • Oakland Rotary Club #3 (membership and community relations)


Saint Mary's College of California, Executive-MBA

  • Studied abroad in India and Thailand attending executive seminars from top global corporations, government leaders, and social enterprise leaders.

Southern Oregon University, B.S. Management 

  • Inducted into the National Leadership Honor Society 

Las Positas College, A.S. Fire Service Technology 

  • Graduated with Highest Honors

NCTI Paramedic School

  • Licensed Paramedic State of California (retired)

Additional Education and Workshops

  • Sandler Sales Training (professional sales training over 1-year, including 1:1 sessions with Joe Diliberto)

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher certification course 

  • LEAN process improvement and Six-Sigma for healthcare organizations 

  • Trauma workshops with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and Dr. Peter Levine 

  • Certified Mediator 

  • Tony Robbins workshop 

Professional Results 


  • Recruited to lead the development of franchised (licensed) stores in the Bay Area. Led and closed the first licensed store partnership with Oracle's head of global real estate, developing a store at the new Austin, Tx campus. 

United Contractors 

  • Worked with CEO and Board of Directors as business development director to execute a strategy that led to the highest revenue growth and acquisition of large, multi-million dollar construction companies; implemented technology solution to address membership growth and member services.  

Yogurt Hut

  • Created a retail trademark and positive brand experience that led to the development of multiple frozen yogurt retail outlets and status as a regional market leader; implemented Revel enterprise technology. 


Ashland Schools Foundation 

  • Worked with Executive Director to develop a strategy that grew an annual run for education from 300 runners to 1,000 runners in one year while implementing an inclusive community pasta party and auction; event has raised over $175,000 in funds and grants after development of the strategic plan. 


Camp Parks Fire Department Paramedic Program

  • Developed a skills training program for a newly established paramedic program meeting the requirements outlined by the State of California and National Registry of EMTs, leading to the certification of cross-trained firefighter/paramedics. 

International Experience 

  • Advised over 50 companies in international markets on brand expansion, creative marketing, storytelling, and sales development; companies ranged from NGOs, social enterprises, government agencies, and publicly traded companies.


Public Safety

  • Worked 10 years on busy 911 ambulances and fire engines providing advanced life support care as a paramedic and rescue services as a firefighter; selected to work in one of America's largest cities after a highly competitive examination process and year-long probationary status. 


College Instruction

  • Over 10 years' experience teaching adult learners in college settings; courses range from public safety, emergency medicine, business, leadership, marketing, management, and international business. 


  • United States

  • Mexico

  • Canada

  • Belize 

  • Guatemala

  • Costa Rica

  • India

  • Thailand

  • Vietnam

  • Japan

  • Korea

  • Hong Kong

  • Australia 

  • Norway 

  • Sweden 

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