Your Business Has A Strategy. Why Not Have One For Your Life?

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Strategy is talked about daily in business as we share our 30,000 foot vision. While strategy is great, you must have resources, tools, and alignment to execute big visions. We know what happens when a business has no vision or lacks the resources to take the latest plan to home base - people get frustrated, they leave, and they seek a lending ear to listen to how they would've saved the day. So while you may not be able to save your company, you can save your life by developing your strategic vision using my 5 steps.

Step 1 - Brainstorm

Lay it all out there! Get a flip chart and title it "My Life." Today, our brains are flooded with information making it more difficult for us to see clearly within our own lives. Carve out half a day to take time for your life's strategic plan and treat this time as sacred. If done correctly this planning session will bring you more joy, success, and mental clarity than you've had before.

Step 2 - Headers

Now that you've got your flip chart out and a time set-aside to do your planning session, you need to layout your chart hotdog style. At the top of your chart, write down the following categories - you'll use sticky notes below these headers to write what you're brainstorming. The following are key focus areas for your life's strategic plan:

  • Current Situation - write the good and bad

  • Work - describe your ideal job

  • Life - describe your ideal day to day, fitness goals, family needs, etc.

  • Personal & Professional Development - what classes, certifications, healing, adventures, etc. do you need to work on to have your optimal life

  • Future State - what does life look like in 1 year, 5 years, and in retirement

Step 3 - Putting It Together

Now that you've listed out where you are and where you want to go, you need to take this opportunity to look for a theme. You also need to put a step by step plan in place with SMART goals to achieve your end state. I like working backwards from retirement to the current state. An example of this might look like: I know I need $1 million to retire comfortably. Based on my current salary and expenses, I need to put away x % every paycheck to reach that goal. Now that I know this, I also need to find jobs that align to this future need while bringing me joy in the present. Same goes if you want kids in 5 years; you have to start planning to have a comfortable life.

Step 4 - Exploring New Options

Now that you know what your life looks like and how you want to maximize your biggest gift, time, you are free to begin exploring career options that are aligned to your strategic vision. A great way to search for the next career is by typing in what you like instead of typing in titles. If you like wine and want to travel selling product, try typing: international wine sales travel. See what comes up within your passion areas and you'll be surprised. For most of us, we've been focused on what we're suppose to do right out of high school and not what we want to do. I have great news, you can do what you're suppose to do which is work while doing what you want to do!

Step 5 - One Page

Write down your key points onto one page. This is your life's strategic plan. While your plan can always be amended, this gives you a starting point for future discussions with yourself and your loved one, if applicable. Your plan is crystal clear as you've done your soul work necessary to thrive! Lastly, have fun doing this! The clearer you are with yourself, you'll be clear in your intention which will allow universal law of attraction to bring the right people and opportunities before you. Above all else, these steps will help you live the life you deserve!

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